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Jaggle version 0.4

Jaggle animates juggling tricks in 3D, which are entered in the siteswap notation. Currently it can handle asynchrone and synchrone siteswaps, but no multiplex throws or multihand patterns. It uses styles (nearly the same notation as in the good old DOS program Jugglemaster) to control the hand movements. Because of that it can display complex patterns like the Mills-Mess or Rubensteins Revenge.

Requirements, first usage

You only need a browser, that can executes applets (JVM >=1.1), e.g. Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera,...
If you have problems, download and install a Java runtime environment.
If you start the applet the first time, the browser has to download the code (~150 kb), this should take less than a minute, depending on your connection speed. If the download has finshed, two windows appear, one with the options and another for the trick display.


You can move rotate the camera in the trick window, if you click somewhere inside the window and move the mouse, to move the camera you have to use the arrow keys. To zoom in press PgUp, to zoom out press PgDn. With the buttons on the left in option window (<-, ||, ->) you can pause the trick, or play it reverse, like a video recorder. With the slider you can control the juggling speed.

Enter tricks

If you just want to see some tricks, choose one from the trick list and press the "Juggle!" button.
You can also animate your own siteswap. For asynchrone siteswaps, enter the throw heights in the editfield, e.g. 4134. If one of the throws in your siteswap is higher than 9 use the letters 'a'-'z', e.g. b1 for a 6 ball shower.
For synchrone siteswaps you have to enter both throws in brackets, separeted by comma. If a throw is a cross throw, just insert a 'x' after the throw, e.g. (6,2x)(6,2x)(2x,6)(2x,6) for the 4-ball Box.
The trick you have choosen before you enter the siteswap appoints in what style the trick will be juggled(you can see the style in the textfield under the trick list) , e.g. if you have choosen 3-ball Mills Mess, enter 441 and press the "Juggle!" button, you see the 441 mills mess. But beware, not every siteswap looks good with every style, but the normal style should be okay in most cases.


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